Banana Talk #1

Wow wow! Please don't go wrong thinking something gross! Heck! Not assuming everyone but most of the people did that when I mention I eat/buy bananas. :/

Just a few seconds ago, I was stucked with the measure word for bananas. So, I asked my dad and sis in MSN chat-room to clear the doubt. My dad told me to ask sis instead. Perhaps he didn't know the answer as well lo. XD All the while I know it's "sesikat pisang" in malay, then my sis told me it's "a comb of banana". I went "Ohhhhhhhh....! Smart har!". I should have knew it since i know the term in malay ma! Grrr!! :/

I wasn't finish with my questions yet. Then I asked: "What's satu batang pisang in english?" The next thing she replied: "a piece of banana". A while later, we both realized that it can just be "a banana". We lulz-ed at our stupidity!

Back to topic lar! I'm actually experimenting with banana ripening process. This is because Qiku taught me how to conserve bananas and slow down the ripening process.

First we start off with green bananas. Wrap them with papers and chill them in fridge. Take out a banana and leave it on table or wherever you want for a day. The next day it will be fully matured and good to be consumed. This seems troublesome but who cares? It's fun looking at how it rips over time(I put it on the table next to me. Easier to babysit it XD). IT'S FUN!!!!!!
Taken at 11.45pm [Link]

Random Shots

I've decided to share few pictures taken earlier during Cameron trip. Kekekekeke!

Baby tea leaves [Link]

It was my mom's idea to capture this way. I love the outcome, how the pink sleeve setting off the tea leaves. Lovely isn't it? Somehow it is a little out of focus. The leaves don't look sharp. Sad..

Moss [Link]

Pewit~ Gotta love this shot because it's my first successful bokeh shot! ^^ Maybe I have to choose smaller aperture to have more focus on the photo. Hmm..



It has been raining continuously since days ago. Thus I have no chance to get sunset shots. I do enjoy the good, chilly weather but uh.. The clouds should take a break, so that we can at least do laundries ler. @_@

After a long wait, finally the day has come. Today's early evening was pretty clear and managed to see sunset glares~ So this is what I've captured.

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