Too Cute!

I have no idea how to describe his cuteness with words! He's just toooooo CUTE!!


First Photoshoot Outing

Months or month ago, my mom gave me a call, said that my parents will pick me up in Cyberjaya after internship and then go for Cameron Highland trip. Of cause I'm happy with the decision as I don't have to buy ticket to go back!

Some time later, a "noob" friend of mine started talking about DSLR. I did some little research on it, saw some sales, checked money on hand, and BOOM! I found a DSLR which I can afford. I approached an online seller and for god's sake, he replied me with speed of light! This made me much more eager and hungry for DSLR! 2 days later, I bought my first DSLR! Teehee~

Some people may bash me that why would I spent so much on a camera? I will say that some people prefer to invest in fashion, food, hardware and so on. Why not DSLR? Moreover I bought it with money earned during internship, so no regrets at all!

Although the DSLR is with me but under-usage. Yet I can't do any shooting as the result of my lousy skills to handle poor lighting in room. So I achieved nothing. Until I recalled about the Cameron trip! I've got excited~

Speaking about the trip, I took 100+ of photos in just one tourism spot. It was a great experience for me as I never have chances to even take 10 or more photos in just one day! Special thanks to my parents too! They kept waiting while I was shooting, gave me advices, drove me to different places to let me try out photo shooting. I was touched but I think I let them down. Most of the photos were deleted due to the blurriness, wrong focus point, etc etc. Such a waste eh? But it's ok. I'm still in the progress of learning.

Hopefully I can do better next time! Gotta conquer and learn more about photography! Rawrrrr!! (How about studies? XD)