A Good Lesson

After having few weeks of internship in Dell, I seriously did not learn anything relevant to programming. Whao! Things are not going on plan! My objectives were to learn about teamwork and programming!

Like I said, "were". And now, I change my mind. It is actually not a bad idea to work in Dell CJ, so called Help Desk/Support Center. I have the chances to see Ang Moh-s speaking with their Ang Moh accent, totally "interesting"... @_@ They smile like Jokers, as tall as coconut trees, big in size whereby someone short like me able to hide behind them without being noticed. Not just Ang Moh-s la.. Most of the staffs are cool too! Unlike MMU lecturers/tutors/staffs/hawker uncles aunties/students, they don't smile lo! *cough cough*

Cut the crap and back to the topic! Today, I have learned to fully utilize forum! Since two days ago, I was having some shitty programming problem which I can't solve. Googled for two days and almost give up. Until this morning, I gave forum a shot and just got the solution few minutes ago. I was happy and angry at the same time. I shouldn't be afraid of negative replies, instead I should learn to accept them. The good news is that I didn't get any negative comments in my thread. Wahaha! If you understand what I'm trying to express, thank you. Else, yak si!

I'm trying to share my experience la. Many experiences have gained and I couldn't describe them in words. Moreover, to write a longer post will cause me to squeeze my brain even harder. Poor english la! Can die mia...

Think out of the box. IT students are not compulsory to step into IT field. Cheers! XP


Sharing this video with everyone! Happy working/internship! :D:D:D

许冠杰- 半斤八两


Extremely Tired

First week of internship has just passed. Basically I did nothing but still got exhausted. Perhaps I wasted too much energy/effort on shaking legs.


Are you feeling tired after reading this post?



You should feel tired right now...