Good player

Weather is definitely a good player. On the exam day(toughest paper) or assignment due date, 101% will rain lo! Once feeling drowsy, I couldn't concentrate and finish the task. By that time, I will be GG-lized!

Then GG loops non-stop and...

Loops again....

And again...

*Falls asleep. Snooooooooooores*



My first boss

I got an invitation to join Dell Tour on yesterday. It was a tour for the interns to blend into Dell's community and culture. The most important thing was, we got to meet our bosses! *eh hem* And to inquire about the pay... Hoho!

I was very anxious when I met up with my future boss. Indeed, he's friendly but still I'm nervous! He shown me around the NOC department. Just like the movies/dramas, I'll be working in a square box which seems to be extremely boring@_@

Oh by the way, I'm in one of the NOC(Network Operation Center) teams. Basically their work is to support clients and assist them. Unlike my initial impression, I thought I'll be in a programming team. To clear things out, the NOC team needs some kind of program for the supporting processes which will be my future project. Still, I'm still not sure about what task will be assigned to me.

I'll be having normal working hours(9am-6pm) instead of shifts(which is troublesome!). The next thing gotta handle is the transport. If worst comes to worst, I'll skate to Dell! FOC promotion for MMU skate club!

The hottest topic among interns is about the SALARY! Mr. boss didn't confirm the exact salary when I asked. Oh well, he said he will pay but nevermind la. I'm cool with the working environment + community over there. Low salary is not a problem! Keep refilling Milo will do! XD

Good luck to everyone in final exams and upcoming internship program! WOOHOOO!


这几天都过得好累。Assignments 也终于告一段落。为了assignments,要谢谢的人可真多。要不是他们,我可能连咸鱼翻身的机会都没有!他们都说,我的“靠山”十分的强!


可是,我却很讨厌“靠山”这字眼。它让我觉得很没出息。根本就暗讽我在利用组员。或许我真的在利用他们?哈!相信我,我并不是这样的人。只是稍微懒惰了一些。 XD


所以我决定了!我一定要从中反省,向“以往”学习!意思是说,以前的 assignments,几乎都是 one man show。当亲自完成了assignment,即使是“劣货”都沾沾自满!最重要的是对得起自己!所以接下来的 FYP + assignments,毫无置疑 + 铁定 solo!除了要 group presentation的就是另一回事了咯。。 XD



前阵子,assignment interview,见了 AA lecturer。“庆幸”地,老师却说那些 coding 不是我本人的“杰作”!Assignment 是 individual work,每个人几乎都做不一样的题目,要抄答案都难!更何况那份assignment我包山包海,熬夜了整天才把它给完成。粉肠老师竟然不相信。。


我很记仇的。。 = =

We need gamessss!

As title, I'm seriously a dead meat now. Rappelz has been down for 1 day and it had been a very hard day for me. Nuuuu.... I can't get a life without gameee! Ever wonder why game is so addictive? Because it's a trap! IT'S A TRAP!!

Well, not only me fell into teh spikey trap lo. These fellas are kinda in deep shii too XD

(Three of them playing Restaurant City in lab. Still got more "players" but absent on that day)

Still, they have high determination and can pull themselves away from games at anytime. Next, score high pointer in final exams. Next->next, I dislike them. :(



Owh... I had totally forgotten about the existence of this blog. It always happen when game's on. Oh well...

Rappelz rise and blog goes down! Woohoo!

But currently Rappelz is undergoing maintenance. This explains why I'm here. =.=