It's Up!! It's Up Noooooow!

Guess what!? I never thought that dream comes true! Well, not actually a dream but I have been wanting to do this since high school! Finally I have the initiative to make it happen~


Still clueless about what have I done? Teeheeeeee!

*drum rolls*

I make myself a website! Yup! A website that goes online but not localhosted! Lalalala~ Check it out:


Throughout the development, it was kinda pain in the ass as I was totally clueless about web development! The consequence of not paying attention in class eh? FYP excluded hor. I think I had concussion and didn't know what I was doing during that time. Woops!

Anyway! Good to have my own website+domain! The journey has only begun. I still have lotsa bugs to fix.....

Time to sleep!


Yellow Flower

Yellow lower | Link

Yup! I've changed my watermark... Again? No idea la!

Anyway, I'm glad that finally I'm taking photo~! Not a good one but still yay~! I think the photo is oversharpened. Ah ha ah ha ah ha ha ha!