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An Cua Ho?

What can I do? What can I do?? I feel extremely hungry all the time even though I don't move around a lot. It's not the case that my parents didn't feed me, instead they keep buying me delicacies. XD Thus, I feel bad for feeling hungry. >.>

An cua ho??


Banana Talk #2

Days/Weeks ago, I wrote about conducting ripening banana experiment.

In the nutshell, I passed for 50% and another half considered as failure. Must be me that didn't wrapped the bananas properly. Hua hua hua hua hua!! XD

I will not fall and shall try again next time! HUA HUA HUA HUA HUA!!!!


Sunset. Sunset?

Sunset | Link

Resized, curve level changed, hue and saturation adjusted.

I read something like this in a forum -"Flat, uninteresting snapshots which their owners called sunsets". My heart pounded so hard as I read through the statement. Should I call my shot a sunset shot then? Ah hahaha... @___@

Anyway, the bottom-middle part seems overexposed. How to avoid ar? I must set up tripod at the next attempt! Argg!


Shiat! Picture can't fit with current theme!


Money, Money, Money.

I'll be facing economic crisis soon! After paying rental + tuition fee, I even have to sell the wallet for money.

I want to be carefree, eat anything without concerning about money issue. But guiltiness fails me. Thinking of how parents worked for the money, I can't spend recklessly. Therefore, I gotta treat myself and family well after I've earn my first salary!

We will eat til I dropppppp!

Wait up, what kind of job can I pick up after graduate? Now that's another big problem...

Banana Talk #1

Wow wow! Please don't go wrong thinking something gross! Heck! Not assuming everyone but most of the people did that when I mention I eat/buy bananas. :/

Just a few seconds ago, I was stucked with the measure word for bananas. So, I asked my dad and sis in MSN chat-room to clear the doubt. My dad told me to ask sis instead. Perhaps he didn't know the answer as well lo. XD All the while I know it's "sesikat pisang" in malay, then my sis told me it's "a comb of banana". I went "Ohhhhhhhh....! Smart har!". I should have knew it since i know the term in malay ma! Grrr!! :/

I wasn't finish with my questions yet. Then I asked: "What's satu batang pisang in english?" The next thing she replied: "a piece of banana". A while later, we both realized that it can just be "a banana". We lulz-ed at our stupidity!

Back to topic lar! I'm actually experimenting with banana ripening process. This is because Qiku taught me how to conserve bananas and slow down the ripening process.

First we start off with green bananas. Wrap them with papers and chill them in fridge. Take out a banana and leave it on table or wherever you want for a day. The next day it will be fully matured and good to be consumed. This seems troublesome but who cares? It's fun looking at how it rips over time(I put it on the table next to me. Easier to babysit it XD). IT'S FUN!!!!!!
Taken at 11.45pm [Link]

Random Shots

I've decided to share few pictures taken earlier during Cameron trip. Kekekekeke!

Baby tea leaves [Link]

It was my mom's idea to capture this way. I love the outcome, how the pink sleeve setting off the tea leaves. Lovely isn't it? Somehow it is a little out of focus. The leaves don't look sharp. Sad..

Moss [Link]

Pewit~ Gotta love this shot because it's my first successful bokeh shot! ^^ Maybe I have to choose smaller aperture to have more focus on the photo. Hmm..



It has been raining continuously since days ago. Thus I have no chance to get sunset shots. I do enjoy the good, chilly weather but uh.. The clouds should take a break, so that we can at least do laundries ler. @_@

After a long wait, finally the day has come. Today's early evening was pretty clear and managed to see sunset glares~ So this is what I've captured.

[Full Size]


Too Cute!

I have no idea how to describe his cuteness with words! He's just toooooo CUTE!!


First Photoshoot Outing

Months or month ago, my mom gave me a call, said that my parents will pick me up in Cyberjaya after internship and then go for Cameron Highland trip. Of cause I'm happy with the decision as I don't have to buy ticket to go back!

Some time later, a "noob" friend of mine started talking about DSLR. I did some little research on it, saw some sales, checked money on hand, and BOOM! I found a DSLR which I can afford. I approached an online seller and for god's sake, he replied me with speed of light! This made me much more eager and hungry for DSLR! 2 days later, I bought my first DSLR! Teehee~

Some people may bash me that why would I spent so much on a camera? I will say that some people prefer to invest in fashion, food, hardware and so on. Why not DSLR? Moreover I bought it with money earned during internship, so no regrets at all!

Although the DSLR is with me but under-usage. Yet I can't do any shooting as the result of my lousy skills to handle poor lighting in room. So I achieved nothing. Until I recalled about the Cameron trip! I've got excited~

Speaking about the trip, I took 100+ of photos in just one tourism spot. It was a great experience for me as I never have chances to even take 10 or more photos in just one day! Special thanks to my parents too! They kept waiting while I was shooting, gave me advices, drove me to different places to let me try out photo shooting. I was touched but I think I let them down. Most of the photos were deleted due to the blurriness, wrong focus point, etc etc. Such a waste eh? But it's ok. I'm still in the progress of learning.

Hopefully I can do better next time! Gotta conquer and learn more about photography! Rawrrrr!! (How about studies? XD)


Right now, I'm having the most serious insomnia in my entire life.

Usually I can't fall asleep if and only if I've got bitten by mosquitoes or bugs. But then, I'll be able to sleep soundly in a short while.

Today's experience is something new. Even though yesterday I had 5 hours of sleep, night skate that lasted for 3 hours or more, my eyes are still wide-opened.

Hungry? Checked! Tired? Checked! Work? Doh!

My commitments are long gone.



现在的我,应该在准备 Presentation slides。
听着 MY FM 播的悲伤歌曲,不尽让我感到沮丧、焦虑!

很担心,星期五的 presentation还没准备好。



查一查提款记录,上个月很够力得提了 RM800!


p/s:我不是败家女!>.< 而是真的不知道钱跑到哪里度蜜月,一去不返~

Yet Another War

How should I start the story? Hmm... On one fine day, I was in need to quench thirst. When I opened up water mug, I saw a small bunch of ants floating on the water!

Exactly the same like the skydivers!

What I did was just remove them then consume the water lo. Not necessary to pour away the whole mug of water le, wasteful! I thought the story ended but who knows!? The other bunch of ants came back the next day! Immediately I washed the whole kettle and mug. I even placed a small container with water but they still headed for my mug and kettle. Ignorant ants! Haiz.. Continue my life and didn't take the issue to heart.

Well, they came back again, again, again, again, again and again. I got fed up and googled for solutions. Kinda shocked after reading an article. The writer wrote that ants are like humans, which they need water too! Ohhhhhhhhhhh I see! And now I know the reason but still can't figure out why they chose mug/kettle instead of the small container that was just outside their nest!

I always believe that I can live in harmony with the ants. Until I got selfish, don't feel like sharing MY water with ants! Just kidding! FYI, ants do carry germs from the surface lo! Although they don't transmit disease but I just want to avoid it. Blame themselves for ignoring the kind me that provided container specially for them!

So, I took my first action today - the ant poison! *Evil grin*

The description mentioned that the poison can even kills cockroaches! But they will only die 100% after 100 hours. Cheh! Which means it takes 1 hour to destroy 1% of cockroach system. So pity right.. Should put them down asap then don't have to suffer for that long..

Back to the ants! It is advisable to place the poison separately but I keep them in one container. I wanna see them dieeeee! Unfortunately, I spilled some on my table. Now they are gathering on my table instead in the container. Cis! But we will see how after few days!

Dear ants, I don't mean to kill ya all but.. Don't drink my water ler! Pick either kitchen or washroom ma.. XD

Mom Was Right

Ever since I started to pursue study in MMU CJ, my mom always nag about my shirt attire.

Within a year, mom will pay me a visit, help in cleaning, and er... Reorganize closet? Well, she takes out all of the clothes then refold them. Meanwhile, she will keep asking whether or not I try to put on the shirts as some seemed new and some were in pretty bad conditions(holes/discolored). Of course, she got rid those shirts with lubangs lar.

In the end, I left ALL dark colour shirts. To be specific, everything in black. Not blaming my mom but I have no idea why I always stock up black shirts too!

This morning after stepping in office and do greetings as usual, one of the teammates talked to me.

She told me that:"I've noticed something about you".

She paused awhile which caused me very nervous(Because I've been late to work recently.Everyday)! Not kidding!

She continued:"You always wear black shirts!".

Seriously I cuak tiok, laughed and then walked back to ice cube. Sort of happy because someone actually did notice about my existence in office! XD Things always come with pros and cons lar..

And now this incident indicates that it's time to go for shopping ler~! :DDDDDDDD

Although I don't shop.

Guava Juice and MAS

Not a very good shot but it makes me think a lot! How nice if I'm able to board on first class flight, enjoy first class services! Not about materialism but experience of life! That will be awesome!

Nike says, just do it! :D




因为我认为做一大堆的解释,听者未必会 100% 明白我的心声。
当人们无法 100% 了解事情的来龙去脉,就会加以自己的看法。












Good Night Sleep

Everyday I try to persuade myself to sleep early. Whenever the clock ticks until 10-11pm, there must be something that hold me back from heading to bed.

Bah! Can't help it!



剪头发有如叫 roti telur 吃。
你叫了 roti telur,可是伙计问你要的是 roti canai + telur 吗?
或许你觉得 roti canai + telur = roti telur,但不确定是不是想象中的 roti telur。
结果,你还是接受了 roti canai + telur 的说法。

当厨师料理中,你往往不能了解做 roti canai + telur 的过程。

最后伙计就 serve roti + telur 咯。

Warrao 的!

Neh, apa ni lah?Wa ordered roti telur lah!
Yala! Ni roti canai + telur loh!

所谓的 roti canai + telur 是把煎蛋放在 roti canai 上。
所以说,要叫 roti telur/理发是需要勇气的。
乱乱来,你的 roti telur/发型也跟着乱乱来了。

以后试试看叫 roti pisang!



哦 Snailix!你的前途毁了!

真的 habis telur 了。。。


A Good Lesson

After having few weeks of internship in Dell, I seriously did not learn anything relevant to programming. Whao! Things are not going on plan! My objectives were to learn about teamwork and programming!

Like I said, "were". And now, I change my mind. It is actually not a bad idea to work in Dell CJ, so called Help Desk/Support Center. I have the chances to see Ang Moh-s speaking with their Ang Moh accent, totally "interesting"... @_@ They smile like Jokers, as tall as coconut trees, big in size whereby someone short like me able to hide behind them without being noticed. Not just Ang Moh-s la.. Most of the staffs are cool too! Unlike MMU lecturers/tutors/staffs/hawker uncles aunties/students, they don't smile lo! *cough cough*

Cut the crap and back to the topic! Today, I have learned to fully utilize forum! Since two days ago, I was having some shitty programming problem which I can't solve. Googled for two days and almost give up. Until this morning, I gave forum a shot and just got the solution few minutes ago. I was happy and angry at the same time. I shouldn't be afraid of negative replies, instead I should learn to accept them. The good news is that I didn't get any negative comments in my thread. Wahaha! If you understand what I'm trying to express, thank you. Else, yak si!

I'm trying to share my experience la. Many experiences have gained and I couldn't describe them in words. Moreover, to write a longer post will cause me to squeeze my brain even harder. Poor english la! Can die mia...

Think out of the box. IT students are not compulsory to step into IT field. Cheers! XP


Sharing this video with everyone! Happy working/internship! :D:D:D

许冠杰- 半斤八两


Extremely Tired

First week of internship has just passed. Basically I did nothing but still got exhausted. Perhaps I wasted too much energy/effort on shaking legs.


Are you feeling tired after reading this post?



You should feel tired right now...


Good player

Weather is definitely a good player. On the exam day(toughest paper) or assignment due date, 101% will rain lo! Once feeling drowsy, I couldn't concentrate and finish the task. By that time, I will be GG-lized!

Then GG loops non-stop and...

Loops again....

And again...

*Falls asleep. Snooooooooooores*



My first boss

I got an invitation to join Dell Tour on yesterday. It was a tour for the interns to blend into Dell's community and culture. The most important thing was, we got to meet our bosses! *eh hem* And to inquire about the pay... Hoho!

I was very anxious when I met up with my future boss. Indeed, he's friendly but still I'm nervous! He shown me around the NOC department. Just like the movies/dramas, I'll be working in a square box which seems to be extremely boring@_@

Oh by the way, I'm in one of the NOC(Network Operation Center) teams. Basically their work is to support clients and assist them. Unlike my initial impression, I thought I'll be in a programming team. To clear things out, the NOC team needs some kind of program for the supporting processes which will be my future project. Still, I'm still not sure about what task will be assigned to me.

I'll be having normal working hours(9am-6pm) instead of shifts(which is troublesome!). The next thing gotta handle is the transport. If worst comes to worst, I'll skate to Dell! FOC promotion for MMU skate club!

The hottest topic among interns is about the SALARY! Mr. boss didn't confirm the exact salary when I asked. Oh well, he said he will pay but nevermind la. I'm cool with the working environment + community over there. Low salary is not a problem! Keep refilling Milo will do! XD

Good luck to everyone in final exams and upcoming internship program! WOOHOOO!


这几天都过得好累。Assignments 也终于告一段落。为了assignments,要谢谢的人可真多。要不是他们,我可能连咸鱼翻身的机会都没有!他们都说,我的“靠山”十分的强!


可是,我却很讨厌“靠山”这字眼。它让我觉得很没出息。根本就暗讽我在利用组员。或许我真的在利用他们?哈!相信我,我并不是这样的人。只是稍微懒惰了一些。 XD


所以我决定了!我一定要从中反省,向“以往”学习!意思是说,以前的 assignments,几乎都是 one man show。当亲自完成了assignment,即使是“劣货”都沾沾自满!最重要的是对得起自己!所以接下来的 FYP + assignments,毫无置疑 + 铁定 solo!除了要 group presentation的就是另一回事了咯。。 XD



前阵子,assignment interview,见了 AA lecturer。“庆幸”地,老师却说那些 coding 不是我本人的“杰作”!Assignment 是 individual work,每个人几乎都做不一样的题目,要抄答案都难!更何况那份assignment我包山包海,熬夜了整天才把它给完成。粉肠老师竟然不相信。。


我很记仇的。。 = =

We need gamessss!

As title, I'm seriously a dead meat now. Rappelz has been down for 1 day and it had been a very hard day for me. Nuuuu.... I can't get a life without gameee! Ever wonder why game is so addictive? Because it's a trap! IT'S A TRAP!!

Well, not only me fell into teh spikey trap lo. These fellas are kinda in deep shii too XD

(Three of them playing Restaurant City in lab. Still got more "players" but absent on that day)

Still, they have high determination and can pull themselves away from games at anytime. Next, score high pointer in final exams. Next->next, I dislike them. :(



Owh... I had totally forgotten about the existence of this blog. It always happen when game's on. Oh well...

Rappelz rise and blog goes down! Woohoo!

But currently Rappelz is undergoing maintenance. This explains why I'm here. =.=

Music with C++

Few days ago, I hid in a small "work station" of mine, trying to finish up Algorithm Analysis assignment. After long hours of "hard work", I had decided to take a break. Clicking and browsing around the folders, then realizing all the songs are gone! (In short, my beloved old desktop went 6 feet under. Currently using new laptop that has nothing inside)

Luckily the smart me with low IQ but still smart "stole" some instrumental songs from friend a while ago. AHAHAHAHAHA! Without a second thought, I played the songs immediately. Surprisingly those songs are great and somehow made me fall in love with C++~ C++ is gorgeous! C++ is almighty!!

Haiz... But the romantic atmosphere didn't last long. I got tired listening to the songs after a while ~_~ C++ then revealed its real evil face. UGLY!

It's near...

Two months... Two months to go and then I can finally claim back my privacy and freedom!



Neither green nor orange

Feeling kind of blue and down right now. Haiz...

Miracle, I choose you!

Seriously, I need a miracle. Seriously, it's kind of fun to start a new post with the word "seriously". It makes me sounds serious, ya know? YA KNOW!?!?!?

Back to the miracle thingy. I need it happens on Monday. Actually I need few more of it but oh well.. I choose to go for 0/1 Knapsack method instead of Greedy method. It better happens ya know!? I'm giving Mr/Mrs/Ms. Miracle 2 days to prepare for it. Show your face ar Mr/Mrs/Ms. Miracle!


Perhaps I'm too fierce. Mr/Mrs/Ms. Miracle might be afraid of me. So... Come to me la har~ In return I'll get you some... Free Oxygen! :D:D

Unrelated and not related stuff:

Few minutes ago, I promised myself to focus on assignments. Seriously I have no idea why will I ended up in here. Why ar...? Oh shii- UFO must be coming for Earth Hour '09~

Cross my fingers and hope that it will be a smooth sailing semester~ @_@

Seriously, seriously, seriously...

To fight or not to fight?

It has been a very hectic month right until now. The stress will never end until the current semester is completed. Why am I so anxious? Tons of assignments, stupid lab reports, exams, and not to forget about internship program! So far internship is the one that keeps my heart beats rapidly and turning my hair white.

The stress is unbearable! Seriously! When all the people around you are getting hired while you remain jobless.. Economic crisis ya know..? But the fun thing is, since the apply-internship season starts, almost all of the students involved will receive phone calls during class. Then, they will rush out of the classroom to answer the phone. This indicates phone interview from companies. What comes across our mind is, "let's hope that I'll receive phone calls also". Normally when we receive calls from friends/family, we will just say "Aiya! I'm class la! Call you back later la..". If we answer this way to the company that calls, GG la wei!

Back to the stress experience that I have with internship program. I'm still jobless. Although I got few phone interviews, but I flunked them all. XD Not that I don't want the job! It's just that... I flunked them all. Hahaha! Now I know my weakness. I can't "talk" to strangers and response with the speed of light! It always happen that I can/know how to answer better right after the interviews. That's stupid.

Some friends are nice which they will give me encouragement. While some love to rub salt on the wounds. He is a she. I call her sister instead. I assume that "she" has too many salt left unused. Ok lah! Jkjk!

Well, for now I wish to get more chances to attend interviews. It's very helpful for my upcoming MUET exam ya know? Yup. I haven't take MUET. :X


Getting nearer...


I <3 Fishballs!

Broke up with Ah Pen

We didn't even spend a year together. It's hard to believe that I got dumped just right after Valentine + while having headache on coding problems! I tried not to cry, instead I got very very emo right until now. X____________X

I believed that Ah Pen didn't dump me on purpose. Perhaps Ah Pen was hiding in a dark corner, playing hide-and-seek! So I rolled and crawled around, trying to track Ah Pen. Still no sight of Ah Pen. A while later, I recalled an event.

It must be that Algo bugger! In order to avoid from the bugger, I picked up my bag and left the lab asap after class. And then, I forgot about Ah Pen. Just realised about it few minutes ago.

The bugger was the cause lo! He distracted me! I know the fact is that I was careless. But still it's the bugger's fault la because I said so! N000000000000b!

So long, 4GbKingstonAhPen! To think positively, tomorrow I'll be very very lucky and found a RM50 note on the street! Yay!


Do you know that today is Friday the 13th? Did you realise that there was a sign yesterday?
If(ans == "yes"
cout<<"You are a noob!";

cout<<"You are still a noob!";

Let me whisper to you what actually happened yesterday... Around 6pm, other websites can't be accessed other than Google.com! Then I started to ask around through MSN. Yea... MSN survived the disaster! 

Furthermore, there'll be 2 more Friday the 13th in this year! Then everyone will:

"Eh.. You know today is Friday the 13th bo?"
"Ah.. No. Then?"
"Ah... Ahaha?"

Basically nothing much. :D

I Heart Music!

Music is my sexy soulmate! Couldn't resist to blast once sticking my butt in front of PC.

Music is too hot to resist

This isn't my initial idea. I found the initial idea is too complex for me to accomplish, and then ended up with this piece. It looks weird and I don't know why. @_@

Had a little talk and asked for opinions from Olivia who is into drawing comics/art. She offered to draw out her ideas. On the next day, she handed me this masterpiece. She's very kind and efficient! XP

I made some little changes and coloured Olivia's masterpiece. This is my very first approach in colouring with Photoshop. Have no clues on colours mix-n-match, so I decided to stop the progress. Mwahahaha!

One big THANK YOU to Olivia! I love you? Lulz!

New year, new look!

I have changed the theme! Weee~ I tried to make my own theme, but it's freaking hard. Yala... Lazy ma. It's like when one is hungry, she/he will prefer to have instant noodles instead of getting dress up, find car keys, open the gate, drive the car out of car porch, close the gate, drive all the way to restaurant/mamak, half way stuck in traffic jam(aiyo!), finally reach destination, have to queue for seat........ And so on.

Fussy hor? Now that explains my situation lo. :p

Other than changing theme, I set to show 3 posts per page. This could make it easier to load faster. Can right?


Update: Pretty lag when using Google Chrome to load. IE is better than GC. For my noob case la.

A little too much

Well well well... Sad to tell that new semester has just started, but it's not a bad thing afterall! At least I can finally use PC. Unlike at home during sem break, my dad dominated PC all the time. Anyway, not intended to use PC afterall, prefer to rot at home waiting for mom to spoonfeed me. *cough*

For now, me having pretty good mood. So, I took some photos and played around with photoshop. Still, feeling lazy to google around to learn new tricks. Totally hopeless... ~_~

Inspired while cleaning my stuff, found tons of "hidden" pencil leads and book rings. Other than these, I purchased new ones before school starts. 

So, new + old = too much. Needless to worry anymore as I'll be having life-time supply of pencil leads and book rings!! :D

Please call 1300-13-1300 if anyone is interested to have some of these from me. :D


Found this interesting product by ThinkGeek - E-Bubble Wrap Keychain. Source - LYN.

I wonder it invokes special effect at every 10-15th or 100th pop(If you have read the description in the forum). Confusing right?

My favourites:


Bank Bomb

18sx? XD

Super Pii Pii Brothers

Click the links for more cool products & videos!






:"Ah... Hello! Have you send the mp4 to me yet?"
屁股人 XD"Haha paiseh! The parcel delayed liao. So you have to wait for few more days. Sorry ar!"
:"Oh.. Okay lo.. TQ"

我网上购物,可是迟迟都还没收到订了已久的 mp4。

自从有了网上购物的经验,我就很想再 up skill level。




I picked up a mission recently. It requires lots of luck to have it done successfully. But the problem is, No Luck No Talk!

So how much effort does one need to put in inorder to accomplish the mission? NONE! I meant it! What you can do is simply just sit down at a corner, keep your eyes on the monitor and then wait for updates. It might be a great idea to have a glass of wine and cigar while waiting.

Mmm... I think I flunked the task.  Hate it pretty much due to the consequences - great delay + disturbances. I can't get over it leeeeeeeeerrrrr! Cis..

*This is totally unrelated with academic. XD*

Hectic Exam Week

Feeling stress/tired with exam? Worry no more! Here come the aids:

Flying Pickets - Only You

Cool MV especially the "chi chi" scenes.

Flying Pickets - Smells Like Teen Spirits

Shocked by the "ke-reng ke-reng" opening ~_~



虽然我不是咖啡粉丝, 可是我却很需要咖啡的滋润。



为了不让你那么憎恨我,我安排了 Milo 与你相见。
或许你有了爱的滋润,你从此 charm 到十足。


我还是比较喜欢喝 Milo...