虽然50%成事了,可是我还是几 stress 下。 XD


还有几只小猫在本烂blog里留言,几开心多多下! :D



I have to agree that one will feel better after spitting vulgar words. At least this works well for me. Sometimes it's hard to hold back from cursing, but I can't do it. Simply because I understand that my words will cut through others' hearts. Maybe I did, through facial expressions. Haha!

I don't have any BFF to share my thoughts with. Why affect innocents with the nasty aura? Or maybe they won't even listen to me. Well, it's actually my problem, I always have hard time to express my feelings. So save the hassle, shut it rather leading others to wrong idea.

Perhaps I'm emo thus always keep things to myself. That's how others describe me. But still, thanks to those who always try to listen sincerely to me.

Ahhh... Fuck! I need to yell out loud instead of typing it. This is so not helping!!!


Still Aging

I'm pointing at my unnoticeable eyebrow. :D

Look! I was once young k! Pok pok chui-ness is leaving me behind... ):


A Place Of Memories

A Place Of Memories | Link

I believe that I'll miss all the laughter, joy and happiness that happened at this hot desert. >.>


Neither Yes, Nor No

I can't skate without spectacle.
But, I couldn't skate well even when I'm wearing it.

And no, putting on contact lens is not a solution.



我可是 KFC 的头号粉丝!
虽然我并不是“称职”的粉丝,可是我还是喜欢 KFC!

刚刚从朋友口中得知 KFC 将在 Cyberjaya 开个分行。
我本来还想在 Cyberjaya 开 McD 的。:X

到了 last minute 才有好“坑”。

可是我很 enjoy 这样的心情。 XP


Slipped Away

So long, Compiler Design assignment 2.
I have no time for you.

Please enlighten me along final exam.


Failure Is Not An Option.

Failure is not an option.

Saw this quote a while back in Facebook. Seriously who wants failures?

This is maybe the 2nd or 3rd project that I care so much as well as it makes me go insane. Well, not really. I know I'm the cause that reflects the consequences back onto myself. I hate it when I can't complete the whole thing. I just hate this frustration!

Couldn't help to say fug, fuG, fUG, and FUG again and again!

Don't tell me to learn from my mistakes. I know this well. Grrr!



尽管 MMU 再怎么烂,Cyberjaya 再怎么闷,
我都会很怀念 MMU,怀念 Cyberjaya,怀念这里的一切!


只是一直担心 money + lazy + 种种因素。

我却觉得不大可能,除非你很 happy-go-lucky 啦!

其实 okay 的啦!

还有 hor,我不觉得我自己很悲观。
在 blog 里都写些比较悲观的,没把快乐的表现出来。
开心的时候都没时间理会 blog 料 lor~
Ah cheh~!


Smoke Trail

Since Thursday, MMU photography club organized an 3-day event in MMU Grand-hall. I only managed to snap few photos as I got too excited and anxious being surrounded by pros. Hehe! Thanks to Gerrard, I have learned about smoke trail! The process is seriously fun!

Smoke Trail | Link

This is not a good shot so let's put aside the photography issue. I'm more concern with the overexposed mosquito coil. I wonder what kind of adjustments needed to be done in order to refine the colour with Photoshop. Someone please save/teach me! D:


Oh Owh!

Tripped over a stone.
Still unable to define whether it's minor or major injury.
Wish me luck that I'm able to recover as fast as possible.
Wish me luck that I'll be given a chance for recovery.



我杀死了一只大约 3cm 的蜜蜂。


可是 hor,我又怕被它叮。

结果我还是用 Shieldtox 把它给杀了。

(二)你不 kacau 我,我就不 kacau 你。

我也不怎么喜欢他人用 Shieldtox 喷我。
够力! D:









I'm Looking For A Job...

... that I have passion in it! I have been thinking lately, maybe jobs that involve music will be incredible! I even make a list for it:

1) Work in a CD shop. Change music whenever I like to~
2) Start up a cocktail bar on the beach and play Reggae songs~
3) Treat programming codes as lyrics... Pui! X_X

Stay tuned and we'll see whether my list will grow larger. ;p



Most people get green-eyed when they see others tasting great food, having the delicious food as part of their sweet memories. I suppose it's our nature to crave for nice food!

One day I believe I'll be able to have lovely meals with my family in fine dining restaurants! Only when I'm financially independent. That's one of my biggest wishes!

Cheers! ;)


The Right Wing

The Right Wing | Link

A little too dark, huh?


The Sportmanship!

Last Saturday, I joined Putrajaya Night Marathon as Skateline volunteer. I wasn't sure about my job scope in the event. Maybe just directing the runners to the correct lane (They have to run along open streets) and escorting lone runner. The job scope sounds pretty easy right? But if you're one of us, you will definitely disagree!

This is because the runners were running on open streets and the traffic always go crazy during peak hours! No, we don't have policemen to help us thus we have to do it by ourselves. They rather pass by than pull over to help. T_T Imagine us with no traffic directing skills, standing in the middle of the road, waving the flag, asking/begging for the car to stop, still some of drivers will not stop. Very ignorant I can say! If they put themselves in runners' shoes, what will they think? One of the runner couldn't take it and scolded out loud. I wonder he was scolding us the volunteers or the drivers? He scolded in Malay with accent, therefore I didn't get what he said. I know, my Malays sucks. Moreover, we didn't take dinner until 3-4am leh!

Enough with the whining already. The main part of this entry is about respecting a runner's sportsmanship! I was at my station which is around 20km away from starting point. Then I saw a Skateline volunteer escorting the last or Nth last 42km runner. So, me and the rest had decided to skate along as we never thought that 20km is a long way go. Ya right! We were so naive. ;p

Skated half way and got very tired, what's more on foot? The runner - Mr. Rahman insisted to finish the run. His spirit has inspired and motivated me to finish the run too! He just kept continuing without stopping! What I did was just silently accompanying him along the run as I'm really bad in cheering! =_=

8 to 9 km left, some skaters were gone and left me and another 2 friends with Mr. Rahman. Then the 2 friends have decided to call it quits. Seriously I was very mad! How can we stop right now? There was no one else to help him if anything happens. They do have few other association volunteers around with bike but they were just slacking and far away! I truly believe that we have the responsibility to follow the runner even though that has been overdone as a volunteer. Mr. Rahman kept telling us that we can leave without him but I don't think it's a great idea to leave him alone in the night.

Soon, I left my friends and continue with Mr. Rahman. I'm not trying to say that I'm being heroic. The message that I'm trying to deliver is that what happens if you are the only one in the middle of the road with no one around? How can you call for help when you need assistance? You may argue that today's technology is good enough. We can easily reach others with handphone. Worst comes to worst, what if he doesn't have the mobile with him?

Sarcastically, I left Mr. Rahman very soon. I had to leave with my friends as I don't have the transportation to get back to Cyberjaya by myself. I feel that I'm so selfish! Even until now, I still can't get over myself.

Around 4~5am, Mr. Rahman sms-ed me that he have made it til the end! He even got a metal for it! Although I couldn't share his victory on the spot but still I can feel the happiness! He's a true sportsman! Do not call yourself a sportsman if you don't have these attributes within you.


So Fragile

I feel so fragile when ever thought of family.

What should I do?

There are so many things needed to be worried.

What should I do?

What should I do...


LOMO with BBQ Stove~

I feel so bad for not taking as many photo as possible. I just don't have the idea or theme! It's okay. I'll slowly increase my photo collections. :)

BBQ Stove | Link

At first glance, we could see that the image above is totally not produced by camera. Indeed it's not. The message that I'm trying to deliver is how powerful Photoshop is! Again I put myself in contradiction with the need of post-processing of photo taken with DSLR. Don't worry if you couldn't get what I said. ;p

Scroll down for more~

Check this out! Spot the huge differences between the edited and non-edited images! Photoshop terrifies people and that's it! *shakes head*


Another attempt!

Water & Coin | Link

Bored with FB, not motivated to start FYP, having mom controlling over the remote control, and while waiting for dinner, it's photo shooting time! Hmm.. What can we shoot at night? No, I don't feel like shooting portraits. No, not going outdoor ler!


Ah ha! I have an idea! Perhaps I should try splashing fruit photography!

*Searches fridge*

Eventually there's only a banana left. But bah! I wanna chomp it later so I wont sacrifice it! It's mine! MINE!!


Lastly, no choice but to replace fruit with coin. After all the materials are gathered, tripod and backdrop are set, now let's get the party started~! Woohoo~!

The photo shoot session went pretty smooth and things seemed pretty well-done. Until viewing the photos with laptop. I've got trauma after browsing through the images! Seriously! The photos are not sharp, shadows and reflections are included. Haiyo.. Chose the best photo and tried to photoshop lo. First edit turned out bad and the picture above is my Nth try. Ok la.. Can't expect more from a n00b like me. XP

In a conclusion, I still heart the outcome. Meh~!! ;p


Woot woot!

Weeeeee~ I like the new template so much! Especially the top-left photo box! I can now change the photo whenever I wish to. ;p

Plushies | Link

Here's another picture taken some time ago. Does it look the the plushies are taking self potraits by themselves? Hehe!

Speaking of photography, I've started to get confuse with the definition of "Art of Photography". A good photo should or shouldn't go through post-processing? If the photo is good enough and doesn't require further edit, indeed it saves a lot of hassles. But why not do some post processing to enhance the quality of photo?

These are not the only ideas that have been buzzing around me. In the end, I think that we should just keep things easy. I'll just shoot what I want - photos that tell stories.


Sunbathing Wheels

Sunbathing Wheels | Link

Not a satisfying shot and poorly edited but I wanna share this photo with everyone. ): This shot was taken during learning process, so it shouldn't be abandoned even though it doesn't look good! Moreover, I can always refer back for improvements and laugh at how immature is my skills lo. ;p

Alright. IMO it's hard to shot something randomly without a theme but I wanna press the shutter button. Then the idea of having newly purchased skate wheels as model came across my mind. Eventually I shot few photos in JPEG and RAW. Who knows PS CS2 couldn't support RAW(.NEF). Haiyo! No choice but to leave RAW editing for next time.

In addition, I'm grateful to Bennie for teaching me PS techniques! We communicated through FB chat application as I was facing problems to add him in MSN. Yes, you heard me right. It's very very hard to learn through FB chat app because it lags so much lo! My PC hung half way liao I'm unable to complete the learning course. XD Anyway, Bennie is a good fella and I hope that I didn't disturbed him from busy tasks. XD Shall kacau him again! XP

Poyittu varen! We shall wait and see whether I'll have the mood to redo the shot later. Lazy ler.. @_@