Music with C++

Few days ago, I hid in a small "work station" of mine, trying to finish up Algorithm Analysis assignment. After long hours of "hard work", I had decided to take a break. Clicking and browsing around the folders, then realizing all the songs are gone! (In short, my beloved old desktop went 6 feet under. Currently using new laptop that has nothing inside)

Luckily the smart me with low IQ but still smart "stole" some instrumental songs from friend a while ago. AHAHAHAHAHA! Without a second thought, I played the songs immediately. Surprisingly those songs are great and somehow made me fall in love with C++~ C++ is gorgeous! C++ is almighty!!

Haiz... But the romantic atmosphere didn't last long. I got tired listening to the songs after a while ~_~ C++ then revealed its real evil face. UGLY!

It's near...

Two months... Two months to go and then I can finally claim back my privacy and freedom!



Neither green nor orange

Feeling kind of blue and down right now. Haiz...