Broke up with Ah Pen

We didn't even spend a year together. It's hard to believe that I got dumped just right after Valentine + while having headache on coding problems! I tried not to cry, instead I got very very emo right until now. X____________X

I believed that Ah Pen didn't dump me on purpose. Perhaps Ah Pen was hiding in a dark corner, playing hide-and-seek! So I rolled and crawled around, trying to track Ah Pen. Still no sight of Ah Pen. A while later, I recalled an event.

It must be that Algo bugger! In order to avoid from the bugger, I picked up my bag and left the lab asap after class. And then, I forgot about Ah Pen. Just realised about it few minutes ago.

The bugger was the cause lo! He distracted me! I know the fact is that I was careless. But still it's the bugger's fault la because I said so! N000000000000b!

So long, 4GbKingstonAhPen! To think positively, tomorrow I'll be very very lucky and found a RM50 note on the street! Yay!


Do you know that today is Friday the 13th? Did you realise that there was a sign yesterday?
If(ans == "yes"
cout<<"You are a noob!";

cout<<"You are still a noob!";

Let me whisper to you what actually happened yesterday... Around 6pm, other websites can't be accessed other than Google.com! Then I started to ask around through MSN. Yea... MSN survived the disaster! 

Furthermore, there'll be 2 more Friday the 13th in this year! Then everyone will:

"Eh.. You know today is Friday the 13th bo?"
"Ah.. No. Then?"
"Ah... Ahaha?"

Basically nothing much. :D

I Heart Music!

Music is my sexy soulmate! Couldn't resist to blast once sticking my butt in front of PC.

Music is too hot to resist

This isn't my initial idea. I found the initial idea is too complex for me to accomplish, and then ended up with this piece. It looks weird and I don't know why. @_@

Had a little talk and asked for opinions from Olivia who is into drawing comics/art. She offered to draw out her ideas. On the next day, she handed me this masterpiece. She's very kind and efficient! XP

I made some little changes and coloured Olivia's masterpiece. This is my very first approach in colouring with Photoshop. Have no clues on colours mix-n-match, so I decided to stop the progress. Mwahahaha!

One big THANK YOU to Olivia! I love you? Lulz!

New year, new look!

I have changed the theme! Weee~ I tried to make my own theme, but it's freaking hard. Yala... Lazy ma. It's like when one is hungry, she/he will prefer to have instant noodles instead of getting dress up, find car keys, open the gate, drive the car out of car porch, close the gate, drive all the way to restaurant/mamak, half way stuck in traffic jam(aiyo!), finally reach destination, have to queue for seat........ And so on.

Fussy hor? Now that explains my situation lo. :p

Other than changing theme, I set to show 3 posts per page. This could make it easier to load faster. Can right?


Update: Pretty lag when using Google Chrome to load. IE is better than GC. For my noob case la.

A little too much

Well well well... Sad to tell that new semester has just started, but it's not a bad thing afterall! At least I can finally use PC. Unlike at home during sem break, my dad dominated PC all the time. Anyway, not intended to use PC afterall, prefer to rot at home waiting for mom to spoonfeed me. *cough*

For now, me having pretty good mood. So, I took some photos and played around with photoshop. Still, feeling lazy to google around to learn new tricks. Totally hopeless... ~_~

Inspired while cleaning my stuff, found tons of "hidden" pencil leads and book rings. Other than these, I purchased new ones before school starts. 

So, new + old = too much. Needless to worry anymore as I'll be having life-time supply of pencil leads and book rings!! :D

Please call 1300-13-1300 if anyone is interested to have some of these from me. :D