It has been raining continuously since days ago. Thus I have no chance to get sunset shots. I do enjoy the good, chilly weather but uh.. The clouds should take a break, so that we can at least do laundries ler. @_@

After a long wait, finally the day has come. Today's early evening was pretty clear and managed to see sunset glares~ So this is what I've captured.

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Eddy said...

ur shooting not bad....this pic is panorama?

Snailix said...

Nole. This pic cropped from the ori pic mia.. XD

Imperfect Duck said...

wah ur camera can shoot til so wide ar? while didnt use any fisheye function?

Snailix said...

Nole.. Just that the landscape you saw is far away from me. I took at balcony de. :D

You give me another pile of money then I can buy fisheye lens liao ;p