To fight or not to fight?

It has been a very hectic month right until now. The stress will never end until the current semester is completed. Why am I so anxious? Tons of assignments, stupid lab reports, exams, and not to forget about internship program! So far internship is the one that keeps my heart beats rapidly and turning my hair white.

The stress is unbearable! Seriously! When all the people around you are getting hired while you remain jobless.. Economic crisis ya know..? But the fun thing is, since the apply-internship season starts, almost all of the students involved will receive phone calls during class. Then, they will rush out of the classroom to answer the phone. This indicates phone interview from companies. What comes across our mind is, "let's hope that I'll receive phone calls also". Normally when we receive calls from friends/family, we will just say "Aiya! I'm class la! Call you back later la..". If we answer this way to the company that calls, GG la wei!

Back to the stress experience that I have with internship program. I'm still jobless. Although I got few phone interviews, but I flunked them all. XD Not that I don't want the job! It's just that... I flunked them all. Hahaha! Now I know my weakness. I can't "talk" to strangers and response with the speed of light! It always happen that I can/know how to answer better right after the interviews. That's stupid.

Some friends are nice which they will give me encouragement. While some love to rub salt on the wounds. He is a she. I call her sister instead. I assume that "she" has too many salt left unused. Ok lah! Jkjk!

Well, for now I wish to get more chances to attend interviews. It's very helpful for my upcoming MUET exam ya know? Yup. I haven't take MUET. :X


VHanded Cheepeng said...

jobless jobless~

If no one want hire you, I hire you.

Job scope: on my PC every morning and shut it down when I go back; bancuh coffee for me when I ask; sweep the floor for me; when my boss want to scold someone, then you faster say the mess is yours.

salary: RM1 per day. (statistically, this amount is enough for 1 day meal in Africa, not bad~)

Come interview when I online.

Snailix said...

I'm a cheap labour with pride! I'll never obey you! :p

Or let's do it in another way. I'll hire you to pay me RM5000 per month. How's that? You have no right to reject my offer. Deal!