Miracle, I choose you!

Seriously, I need a miracle. Seriously, it's kind of fun to start a new post with the word "seriously". It makes me sounds serious, ya know? YA KNOW!?!?!?

Back to the miracle thingy. I need it happens on Monday. Actually I need few more of it but oh well.. I choose to go for 0/1 Knapsack method instead of Greedy method. It better happens ya know!? I'm giving Mr/Mrs/Ms. Miracle 2 days to prepare for it. Show your face ar Mr/Mrs/Ms. Miracle!


Perhaps I'm too fierce. Mr/Mrs/Ms. Miracle might be afraid of me. So... Come to me la har~ In return I'll get you some... Free Oxygen! :D:D

Unrelated and not related stuff:

Few minutes ago, I promised myself to focus on assignments. Seriously I have no idea why will I ended up in here. Why ar...? Oh shii- UFO must be coming for Earth Hour '09~

Cross my fingers and hope that it will be a smooth sailing semester~ @_@

Seriously, seriously, seriously...