My first boss

I got an invitation to join Dell Tour on yesterday. It was a tour for the interns to blend into Dell's community and culture. The most important thing was, we got to meet our bosses! *eh hem* And to inquire about the pay... Hoho!

I was very anxious when I met up with my future boss. Indeed, he's friendly but still I'm nervous! He shown me around the NOC department. Just like the movies/dramas, I'll be working in a square box which seems to be extremely boring@_@

Oh by the way, I'm in one of the NOC(Network Operation Center) teams. Basically their work is to support clients and assist them. Unlike my initial impression, I thought I'll be in a programming team. To clear things out, the NOC team needs some kind of program for the supporting processes which will be my future project. Still, I'm still not sure about what task will be assigned to me.

I'll be having normal working hours(9am-6pm) instead of shifts(which is troublesome!). The next thing gotta handle is the transport. If worst comes to worst, I'll skate to Dell! FOC promotion for MMU skate club!

The hottest topic among interns is about the SALARY! Mr. boss didn't confirm the exact salary when I asked. Oh well, he said he will pay but nevermind la. I'm cool with the working environment + community over there. Low salary is not a problem! Keep refilling Milo will do! XD

Good luck to everyone in final exams and upcoming internship program! WOOHOOO!


Anonymous said...

haha, not bad neh , working in Dell ..
eh , u can buy some skirt to work ya .. wakaka , no need always wear shirt geh ... lolz

Snailix said...

Hope I'll be trained with thongs related to my course la haha

No to skirts please XD

chuafc2006 said...

ooh congrats for getting dell :D.

the pay i think it's RM800/ month.
(from my fellow coursemates who went there to have their industrial training)

Work Hard!...

Snailix said...

Seriously!? That figure will surely motivate me to move forward lo! Haha!

~*MiNDy*~ said...

haha... Dell o Dell o~

Must be an interesting place there...

Last time my fren also work there.. shud be the same fella as CFC mentioned la.. also RM800/per month..

good luck with the work there.. ^^

Snailix said...

Still depends on manager imo. This year economy crisis might get a cut in salary though.. Hahaha! Let's not hope high :p

Thanks! :)

VHanded Cheepeng said...


I am still a maybe-no-salary-cheap-labour-without-certificate employee.

Snailix said...

Who knows your boss might pay you RM1k per project!