We need gamessss!

As title, I'm seriously a dead meat now. Rappelz has been down for 1 day and it had been a very hard day for me. Nuuuu.... I can't get a life without gameee! Ever wonder why game is so addictive? Because it's a trap! IT'S A TRAP!!

Well, not only me fell into teh spikey trap lo. These fellas are kinda in deep shii too XD

(Three of them playing Restaurant City in lab. Still got more "players" but absent on that day)

Still, they have high determination and can pull themselves away from games at anytime. Next, score high pointer in final exams. Next->next, I dislike them. :(



olibia said...

dude,pay attention in class pls.

VHanded Cheepeng said...

yea~ i got 3 lvl 10, satisfied liao.

Snailix said...

Screw you! Me too lazy to continue playing it XD