Mom Was Right

Ever since I started to pursue study in MMU CJ, my mom always nag about my shirt attire.

Within a year, mom will pay me a visit, help in cleaning, and er... Reorganize closet? Well, she takes out all of the clothes then refold them. Meanwhile, she will keep asking whether or not I try to put on the shirts as some seemed new and some were in pretty bad conditions(holes/discolored). Of course, she got rid those shirts with lubangs lar.

In the end, I left ALL dark colour shirts. To be specific, everything in black. Not blaming my mom but I have no idea why I always stock up black shirts too!

This morning after stepping in office and do greetings as usual, one of the teammates talked to me.

She told me that:"I've noticed something about you".

She paused awhile which caused me very nervous(Because I've been late to work recently.Everyday)! Not kidding!

She continued:"You always wear black shirts!".

Seriously I cuak tiok, laughed and then walked back to ice cube. Sort of happy because someone actually did notice about my existence in office! XD Things always come with pros and cons lar..

And now this incident indicates that it's time to go for shopping ler~! :DDDDDDDD

Although I don't shop.


Anonymous said...

yaya , go shopping , i help u pick all ur clothes ... lolz

Snailix said...

u pay mai lagi bagus ler~ XD

VHanded Cheepeng said...

Get dress, looks good when slalom~

sioukee said...

You can ignore that doraemon freak.

Snailix said...

yea.. doraemon freak @_@