LOMO with BBQ Stove~

I feel so bad for not taking as many photo as possible. I just don't have the idea or theme! It's okay. I'll slowly increase my photo collections. :)

BBQ Stove | Link

At first glance, we could see that the image above is totally not produced by camera. Indeed it's not. The message that I'm trying to deliver is how powerful Photoshop is! Again I put myself in contradiction with the need of post-processing of photo taken with DSLR. Don't worry if you couldn't get what I said. ;p

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Check this out! Spot the huge differences between the edited and non-edited images! Photoshop terrifies people and that's it! *shakes head*


VHanded Cheepeng said...

Give me your DSLR.

Snailix said...


Ashley said...

seaw wei! i done with the comment thingy! but archive still haven done so YOU CAN COMMENT DY! i do it just for you :) ahahaha jk jk

chuafc2006 said...

wow... lol with photoshop.. you don't even need your dSLR. XD

but anyway, your photos are stunning!

keep up the good work.

Snailix said...

Sim City: So touched le~ Thank you nar~

Cfc: Yea! Maybe I'm the one should be blamed for not utilizing my camera properly. Thank you for your support :D