Woot woot!

Weeeeee~ I like the new template so much! Especially the top-left photo box! I can now change the photo whenever I wish to. ;p

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Here's another picture taken some time ago. Does it look the the plushies are taking self potraits by themselves? Hehe!

Speaking of photography, I've started to get confuse with the definition of "Art of Photography". A good photo should or shouldn't go through post-processing? If the photo is good enough and doesn't require further edit, indeed it saves a lot of hassles. But why not do some post processing to enhance the quality of photo?

These are not the only ideas that have been buzzing around me. In the end, I think that we should just keep things easy. I'll just shoot what I want - photos that tell stories.


sioukee said...

cute niaa

Snailix said...

Tee hee hee! XP

~*MiNDy*~ said...

nice template~ keke.. cute, simple , clean and neat~ ^^ nice pictures oh~

Snailix said...

Thank you berry much! Still learning :D