I Heart Music!

Music is my sexy soulmate! Couldn't resist to blast once sticking my butt in front of PC.

Music is too hot to resist

This isn't my initial idea. I found the initial idea is too complex for me to accomplish, and then ended up with this piece. It looks weird and I don't know why. @_@

Had a little talk and asked for opinions from Olivia who is into drawing comics/art. She offered to draw out her ideas. On the next day, she handed me this masterpiece. She's very kind and efficient! XP

I made some little changes and coloured Olivia's masterpiece. This is my very first approach in colouring with Photoshop. Have no clues on colours mix-n-match, so I decided to stop the progress. Mwahahaha!

One big THANK YOU to Olivia! I love you? Lulz!


blackcookie1988 said...

SWT-Yours one is nothing weird la.IS VERY CUTE!

What the heck?Kind?Did you say "k-i-n-d"
?Is true is efficient but no kind la!I'm bad...:(

WHAT THE HELL!?The way you color is very nice!Why don't finish whole thing!The shadow is very nice too!I like the hamster color very much.XD The road's color matched well with the hamster!

Btw,thx for visit my DA.& Leaved me a comment. =D Me so happi.

On the other hand,color whole thing la...then send back to me.I want keep~ :D

Snailix said...

Haha you are indeed kind la! Don't have to feel paiseh :p

Don't want la... Can't think of colours to match with the rest liao.. I like the path and hamster too! But I don't know where should be highlighted/shadowed. The radio and wording both very cacat.

You colour la! I believe that you can do must more better than me as you know where to and not to shade it. :D