Broke up with Ah Pen

We didn't even spend a year together. It's hard to believe that I got dumped just right after Valentine + while having headache on coding problems! I tried not to cry, instead I got very very emo right until now. X____________X

I believed that Ah Pen didn't dump me on purpose. Perhaps Ah Pen was hiding in a dark corner, playing hide-and-seek! So I rolled and crawled around, trying to track Ah Pen. Still no sight of Ah Pen. A while later, I recalled an event.

It must be that Algo bugger! In order to avoid from the bugger, I picked up my bag and left the lab asap after class. And then, I forgot about Ah Pen. Just realised about it few minutes ago.

The bugger was the cause lo! He distracted me! I know the fact is that I was careless. But still it's the bugger's fault la because I said so! N000000000000b!

So long, 4GbKingstonAhPen! To think positively, tomorrow I'll be very very lucky and found a RM50 note on the street! Yay!


Imperfect Duck said...

XD i guessed it b4 finish reading ur blog XD yeah! *peace*
nevermind you will get 8gb new ah pen after that XD

Snailix said...

Damn.. So smart eh! XD I have no money. Perhaps you can sponsor me one :p Not asking too much, 4Gb is sufficient liao :D

blackcookie1988 said...

KNS,i tot what happened...=_= what thing broke up...

susu-chan ^^ said...

ah pen sound lik 阿扁! XD
since when u pak tor with the TAIWAN president? XXXDDDDDDDD

Snailix said...

MWUAHAHA! Kena conned :p

I think he's still eating curry rice le... Don't know what happened to him. Didn't read the news :p

VHanded Cheepeng said...

Sad lo... my Ah Pen also felt down last time, now handicapped forever.

Had to take care of her for life.