New year, new look!

I have changed the theme! Weee~ I tried to make my own theme, but it's freaking hard. Yala... Lazy ma. It's like when one is hungry, she/he will prefer to have instant noodles instead of getting dress up, find car keys, open the gate, drive the car out of car porch, close the gate, drive all the way to restaurant/mamak, half way stuck in traffic jam(aiyo!), finally reach destination, have to queue for seat........ And so on.

Fussy hor? Now that explains my situation lo. :p

Other than changing theme, I set to show 3 posts per page. This could make it easier to load faster. Can right?


Update: Pretty lag when using Google Chrome to load. IE is better than GC. For my noob case la.


blackcookie1988 said...

Well,this look WAY better than the last one. :D

Snailix said...

Hehehe! I found the theme nicer as well! But the main point is that it's not made by me. Sad case :p

susu-chan ^^ said...

u drive n u din cal me out~~HNG!!!

Snailix said...

It is just an example la. I didn't drive since I got my license:X

susu-chan ^^ said...

lik dat also can ah...@@