Drop, change or continue?

TSC 2211 is a subject offered in MMU. Proud to say that I'm taking it for this semester. *cough* Not putting too much hope on it, just taking it easy and wish to pass the test. As if I can pass with flying colours.. I have no fate with colours. :o

So.. Miss Yang is assigned to the class that I registered. She's young and 'raw'(Sorry! No picture for perverts! XD). Attended her first class yesterday, and there are few outcomes at the end:

1. She just read all of the slides.
2. No further explanations. Or perhaps I didn't listen?
3. She finished one chapter(2 hours class) in 30 minutes.
4. She looked nervous.

She might be having scholarship, teaching in MMU will have 50% course fee rebate for taking Master in MMU.

Sad to say that two of my friends changed to another section, while I decided to continue. First of all, her class is relaxing. Secondly, changing section will cause inflexible timetable. So... I'll stick to Miss Yang's. Everyone deserves to be given chance to shine. I gave mine to Miss yang, now depends on her how she utilize it.

Maybe I'll screwed up in the end? All I did was talking and not doing what I should do as a student. XD Best of luck to me and Miss Yang~!


Hitokira said...

mine is mr khor and he take very long to explain everything until can sleep lol

Snailix said...

hahaha... better than no explanation