Pop the pop pop popcorn!

Me writing this post now at 9.40am. I'll never wake up this early man... I rushed all the way to campus and finally reached classroom! From far I saw 'paper' glued on the door.

"This is not good..."

Walked forward and stick my head on the paper, so that I can read clearly about the notice.

(after few seconds)
"Aiyooooooooooooooooo!!!!", I growled.

Class's canceled! Luckily I bumped into Jim! He told me that class after this is canceled as well. Phew! My life savior! Else I'll be waiting for another class in campus like an idiot. So.... I came back and ended up here writing blog. XD


Back to the popcorn thingy!

I place my handphone nearby me whenever I sleep. Heck.. I don't want my head to explode.

Perhaps, it's safer to use Dai Kor Dai.


chuafc2006 said...

LOL... imagine my head popping like pop corn -.-+


u're awarded cute blogger award... please come to my blog site to collect it... :D

Snailix said...

I know u 'pop'!
Pop dancing xD

I saw it this early morning and I wonder what was that. Hoho

~susu~ said...

sekarang baru tau ah u??? XD
u can even fry an egg with ur handphone....

imagine ur brain been cook nicely..lolz

Snailix said...

You never inform me T_T