The last class on Friday ended early then I started to utilize Intranet to the max.

*Spongebob ringtone rang*

Fuiyo... Su called. Must be planning for something happening! At last, me, Su and Sotong went Sunway Pyramid. For lunch, they had Carl's Jr burger meanwhile I ordered onion rings. I thought it should be something like sotong rings... Then I found it very... Onion rings. Too bad that I didn't manage to snap any pictures.. Dropped my phone in the car.

After 'lunch', we walked around like merry-go-round. Very happening because we got nothing to do. XD Had 2 games of Daytona, then Starbucks and Bowling. These were what we did and then back to... Uh... T_T

(On the way to Sunway Pyramid. Obviously that the driver is still having his "P". )


Imperfect Duck said...

NBTD? O.o?

Snailix said...

nothing better to do XD

VHanded Cheepeng said...

i just wanted to ask the same question... seems like someone asked for me liao~

Snailix said...

haha! learnt all these terms from lowyat.NET XP