Mascot of Ap-alu-mau!

Introducing Ap-alu-mau's mascot! *clap clap*

For your information, it is a hamster. Yea you didn't get me wrong. It is a square hamster! A very rough work yet I'm satisfied. Meh... I'm easy to satisfy lo. Oh! My friend said that it is a cat. Ridiculous! :p

Name of the mascot? Hmm.... Let's call it Popeye! A tribute for my hamster ;p


Hitokira said...

it reminds me of hamtaro.. lol

Snailix said...

Yea... At least it looks like a hamster/rodent/tikus for ya!!

Imperfect Duck said...

cat XD

Snailix said...

imperfect duck, u must be sim yinnnnnnnnnnng!