It shines!

Yesterday, I earned my second RM50 from part time job. XD Gotta thanks Sam pei and Nana! Sam was the one who told me about this job and Nana gave me the opportunity. That was how I got into this job.

To make things clear, I worked for an event organized by UCMAS, held in MMU Grand Hall. All the kids from different country will be having their test in MMU. Totally a surprise that an international event was held in MMU.

Woke up pretty early at 8AM and then 'got paid' at 2.30PM. The job is very easy actually. Me suppose to be a marker, whom marks the question papers and calculate the total points. But, last minute got assigned to key in marks into database. The job is relatively easier than markers'. HEHEHEHEHEHE!

Another reason that I eager to take up this job is, lunch will be provided! INDEED, the staff didn't let us down. For lunch, we had KFC colonel burger, Apollo cake, fried rice, and mineral water! Good deal right?

Such a nice experience which can't be described with words! j00 have to experience it by yourself. No regrets!


(Markers and staff)

(The only picture for lunch that I managed to snap. Munch-ed the rest before getting photographed)

(My partner-PallyJiff. We did data entry together)

(Kids and parents everywhere in Grand Hall)


Lazy to Photoshop la...

p/s: CFC gave me a pen as souvenir. How nice! XD


Rommel said...


i oso get RM 50 .. yeepee!!

next time got this job remember to tell me ar...

hahaha! easy job just key in data.. lol..

eh.. my face kena blocked by the laptop d... if not can copy the picture. hahaha!

Snailix said...

Fah! I know you! Let's skate to Oldtown someday :p

Didn't know you took up that job as well :p Perhaps you can send me your picture, then can do some PS tricks liao :p

btw, nice to meet you!ahha

Rommel said...

haha! nice to meet u too hamster~

VHanded Cheepeng said...

didnt call me... T_T, i missed RM50 liao...

Snailix said...

I knew it at very last minute, by that time unavailable lo.

2 day before the event only informed to replace fren as she wont be able to attend :p

susu-chan ^^ said...

eh RM 50...Sugoi...
belanja makan ya amoi? XXDDDD