Farewell 2008, Hi To 2009

Happy New Year!

2009 will be arriving in 5 hours! Pretty excited to welcome year 2009 eh! I do have some wishes tho...

1. A smooth sailing year
2. Put myself together and start studying
3. Stop skipping classes/quizzes
4. Redeem my freedom in 6 months time
5. Skate
6. Skate
7. Skate

Seriously my CGPA is skating downhill and never come back to me. Instead of waiting at a corner hoping for miracles, I should take actions right away! 

Ok! I have decided!

The first action that I'm gonna take will be! Will be!! WILL BEEE.........??? 


Screw books/lecture notes/papers with words on it until new year ends. Shiii... I need a new screw driver for 2009.


Last but not least, the most unique "item" that I obtained in 2008:

My first celebrity signature by S├ębastien Laffargue!

Wonder who he is eh? If ya wanna know badly, google it by yourself la you lazy bump... XD


VHanded Cheepeng said...

I got 4 signatures, hehe.

Go study if you dont want your cgpa skate downhill (that's why I love slalom, because just 1 line back and forward~ HAHAHA)

good luck in exam.

Snailix said...

So true XD

Yes boss! Got your message!