For the past few days, I visit E-61b for numerous times. Ya know why? This is because lotsa lengcai-s and lenglui-s are hidden inside the unit! By any chance, whoever from E-61b read about this, don't SS. 

Ok la! My real intention is to go over chit chat for a while, then start gaming! *eh hem* Normally we play Dota but it seemed to be I'm bringing bad luck. Either the game lags alot, or I'm waaaaaay too noob. Haven't got the chance to shine for quite some time. T_T 

Recently, they finally install new games - COD5 and Left 4 Dead! These 2 games are awesome! 


COD5, my beloved map - Nazi Zombie. For the very first time that I dare to try on shooting game that involves non-human. Eventhough my heart beats rapidly while playing but it is too fun to resist!

In game, you can have minimun 2, maximun 4 players if I'm not mistaken. Players will have to protect themselves in a whrecked building. Meanwhile zombies are everywhere, trying to enter the building from several windows/doors. 

For each shoot on the zombie or rebuild barrier, you will earn a little amount of cash. Cash can be traded in for guns, bullets or to open another room to escape. As the result, the room got more spacious, more doorways should be awared of. In return,  guns with better performance can be purchased.

For each round, more zombies will be spawned and the movement speed will be increased. It's all about teamwork and... luck. And to determine how many rounds you can survived. 


Left 4 Dead, the whole game is about zombies or infected humans XD. This game is better than the zombie map from COD5. Can't review too much on the gameplay as those are consider spoilers IMO. Slightly different with COD5's, there must be 4 players(bots or.. players o.o). You can play as survivor or infected human. Pretty cool huh? No more words for the gameplay! Just try the game and explore it by yourself! This game worth your attention XD.

Last but not least, try not to look for the trailers before you play any of these games. So that you could enjoy more on the dark, scary and unexpected scenes . ZOMBIES FOR THE WIIIIN!


VHanded Cheepeng said...

hate zombie......

Imperfect Duck said...

T_T sadly i dun hav time to play... if has the oppotunity i will bring panadol go paly XD

Snailix said...

You will love them once you start playing XD

Both game will give you diff feelings. Go over E-61b one day to try L4D!

Hitokira said...

i reached lvl 14 only for nazi zombies..so damn hard

Snailix said...

I reached lvl 14 as well with 3 players. But without ray gun, totally GG