Wendy's Restaurant Free Voucher

Yaaaaaaaaaar.....! To be honest, I haven't step into Wendy's Restaurant before. If you are my friend, please grant my wish ASAP! XD

(Click for larger view)

Chili Sause: Everyday.com.my

To use these vouchers, simply just print them out and hand to the staff while ordering. Cool huh?

So who wanna go to Sunway Pyramid at this weekend? XD


Koitheng said...

eh, no need go sunway , go Puchong IOI mall also hv ah .. i ate b4 , not bad la .. LOVE THE FRIES !!!

Snailix said...

Sunway got ice rink ma :p

VHanded Cheepeng said...

sorry i am broke ass.

Imperfect Duck said...

YO i wan wendy's burger T_T ................... O.o nvm nvm XD last time i also 1st time stepped in some more never heard this name before leh hehe