Friends :D

I feel extremely happy and "happy" at the same time. This is a post dedicated to my beloved friends! 

Yesterday I camped in campus, trying to "hug Buddha's leg" at the very last minute. I had Durum for lunch. Then started to feel sick and nausea some time later. But I still went for dinner, just in case will not get too hungry and faint in campus. Soooooooooooooo..... I puked! Weeee! Tasted... Bitter XD 

During the next afternoon which mean today, I got cold and fever. This sickness came at the right time! I have exam in 2 hours. Basically...... I'm trying to say that I'm sick liao la...

Surprisingly, I found 3 friends of mine feel unwell at the same time. And then few minutes ago, xmas tree told me another friend is having stomachache as well! 

You see! We as friends, crap and fall sick together-gether~! So happy wei! XD

lulz. Back to studies.

[Update: 7 weak fellas including myself. :D]


Hitokira said...

make sure u get enough rest ah!!! dont study too much!! hehehe ^^

Qikuq said...

lol. guess u guys got food poisoning issit?
or exam syndrome? hahahaha. :P

neway, take good care of urself n good luck! =)

i just came back from shah alam.

Imperfect Duck said...

yozzz sicky XD friends! XD