Yeaaaaa! Foo foo foooo foooo!!

Cyberia is a very happening place in 'early' morning. For the first time, I saw two gangs in a fight. One kesian gang ran all the way to save their asses, meanwhile another gang threw helmets from behind. Not sure which races were involved in the fight. I'm not racist hor!

Few minutes ago, an Africa dude started yelling. He yelled:

"Yeaaaaa! Foo foo foooo foooo!! Yea yeaaaa..."

Like a drunk man that lost his mind. Perhaps he was drunk anyway?

Wasn't sure what 'foo foo fooo' he was talking about. So due to my 38-ness... Eh.. Curiosity by right la... I popped my head out to the balcony to hear what he yelled. This time I heard:

"Yeaaaaaaaaa! F*** you! (He said something something which I don't und)! F*** your mother! Yeaaaaaaa! I got your back! I got your back! Yeaaaa! F****!...."

His friend took him away and so on. Sorry for the vulgarisms but still... Cyberia can be as happening as The Curve!. In another way.

Depends la... XD

=This post is written at 4.17AM=