Xmas V2

Still remember what I wrote in the previous post about Xmas? Well, I was wrong. Eventually I went "The Curve" and had countdown with friends.

[^From left: Sam chin the camera-shy boy, Eddy the rich ass, and Sotong trying to be cool? XP]

Me and another 4 friends departed before the other 5. Faced minor traffic jam but it was considered smooth. After meet up, we decided to have early dinner as all of us were extremely hungry! We walked along "The Street" up and down for numerous time, and then finally settled down at Vivo Pizza.

[^I ordered Garlic Bread and pasta. Can't remember the name; No beverage for me. @_@ ]

[^Chicken chop and 3-layer mocha that caught my attention. Too bad that pictures of shrimp pizza are not with me. That pizza rocks!]

[^The only "group photo" that I managed to get during dinner. Sim Ying, Sam Chin and Sam Pei were left out because I failed to fit them in the photo XD]

Buuuuurrrp...! We need to exercise after dinner! So we went for Foosball! Everyone was excited, Sim Ying and Sam Pei kept screaming with high pitch XD With their p0wArful skills, they drew lots of attention in the shop. Hahaha!

[^Screw the quality of the picture = =]

Oh oh! Gotta Introduce the most happening group of 4 - Fantastic 4. Sam Pei(leader), Sim Ying, Eddy, and Yih Chaw formed the group. First of all, each of them bought a "reindeer LED horn headband". I agreed that the headband is cute, but I can't afford liao. My wallet is way too dry :( Since then we won't be afraid that we will get lost in the crowd. Just look for 4 fellas with the headband that walk together. Actually their intention was to purchase the santa hat and give the other group a surprise(We got separated).

Hey! That's not the end of Fantastic 4! After shopping, we met up with others at fruit juice stall. Suddenly, Eddy saw a stall nearby is selling santa hats. He started to mumble XD At this time, Sam Pei came up with a marvelous idea. "Why don't we purchase another santa hat?". At the end, four of them bought the santa hats ~_~ Rich ass-es!!

[^The cute "reindeer LED horn headband". Then they abandoned the headbands and go for santa hats. :(]

We chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit chat til we couldn't take the boredom so we went "Cineleisure". Again we chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit chat. Me, Sam Pei(again) and Sue Ern had an evil plan. Each of us bought a foam spray without their notice. HEHEHEHEHEHEHE! Before the clock hit 12, we pursuaded the rest to joined the crowd at the center. And at last, we got them tricked! Pretty fun for 3 of us XD Plan executed successfully!

[^The crowd outside "Cineleisure"]

After countdown and all the spray spree, we rushed for movie - Bedtime Stories. As usual, Adam Sandler is funny. Overall the movie is nice and funny. Oh oh! There's a promo for this movie! Just approach to the ticket seller and tell him/her: "Hey, merry xmas! Can I have the tickets for freeeeEEEE!?"

Finished the movie around 2AM, but they were still "high". Next plan, supper/breakfast at McD. I'm broke so I didn't eaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat la. Damn it. I was very tired and requested to call it off for the day. Reached home at 4.20AM, bathed and off to beeeeeeeeeed at 5! Too energetic la ya all!

[^These were what we saw after movie. Happened after countdown.]

In a nutshell, tiring but it was fun and interesting day. A big thank you to all the fellas! :D


Imperfect Duck said...

fainted fantasy 4 pulak ...

Snailix said...

Yea! Rich 4

I'm not Rich said...

Noooooo...Eddy isn't rich.